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Elodie Gythiel: Search Marketing Strategist

Search Marketing Strategist Elodie Gythiel photo

My name is Elodie and I help E-commerce companies acquire more clients by crafting and implementing custom Search Marketing Strategies.

I have been a consultant in search marketing since 2014, after many years working as Marketing Manager for low cost airlines (EasyJet and AirAsia)

Why invest in organic and paid search?

On Google, people can be actively looking for product information (top of the funnel) or actively looking to buy a product (bottom of the funnel). Search Marketing has a higher conversion rate than any other marketing channel.

SEO (organic search) is the basis of a digital strategy:

– SEO can represent more than 50% of your turnover
– SEO will get you traffic, even if your brand is not well known yet
– SEO ROI lasts forever
– SEO will drive your website structure, your content strategy and your PR strategy

Google Ads (paid search) complements SEO :

– Replaces SEO temporarily when the targeted keywords are competitive
– Adds share of voice when some good organic ranking has been achieved on a keyword
– Can be used to test keywords to understand conversion rate
– Google my Business, Google Shopping or other Google tool or service can also help dominate search results

My Search Marketing Services :

– Full search marketing services for companies who are looking at externalising their SEO and/or Google Ads

– One hour SEO expert sessions for small business owners who are taking care of their SEO themselves.


A bit more about me

I have always been interested in new business models, market disruption strategy, and start ups. Back in 1997 during my studies, I decided to specialise in Air Transportation, knowing there would be new entrants (and jobs for me) as it was the times when the European Air Transportation was opening up.

Low cost airlines

As a Master student I heard about EasyJet and Ryanair and the potential rise of low cost carriers in Europe. Those airlines were the ones I wanted to work for: low cost airlines would end privileges, develop local economies, re-unite people who live far apart, and I will be part of it ! Enough of these expensive, inefficient, state monopoly, traditional airlines…

Easyjet only had 6 aircrafts when I joined in 1998. I was the Marketing Manager in charge of creating demand in the French market. I was the only EasyJet employee in France for 10 years. In the beginning I was based in Luton, then in Nice, then Paris. EasyJet quickly became the 2nd biggest Arline in France.

After EasyJet, I spent a couple of years working as a marketing consultant for startups (dress rental service, news website), before joining Air Asia in 2010. This is where I really specialised in digital marketing and got involved with search. I was first in charge of SEA (Google Ads) & SEO for the French market, then I led SEA for the Asia Pacific Markets (with local agencies) when AirAsia withdrew from Europe. After low cost airlines, SEO was the obvious next thing for me…

What do I like about Search Marketing as a marketer?

SEO : a low cost marketing channel

SEO democratises market access for start ups. No need to spend millions in TV commercials to build your brand awareness, no need to give away a third of your turnover (at least) to an intermediary retailer… You can start selling your products yourself, on your website, via SEO!

It’s true that SEO takes a bit of time to kick in, 3 to 6 months for a new site, so it is a good idea to activate the final domain name as early as possible. And SEO is long term, you have to look at it as an investment with everlasting ROI.

SEO is an investment in the future, not an advertising spend, and you will benefit from the organic traffic forever.

Keyword analysis is a great source of market data

As a marketer, I like to know what my competitors are doing and what the market opportunities are before recommending a strategy. SEO and Googles tools let you do that very easily. SEMrush is one of my favourite tool for this.

I am a great fan of quantitative analysis applied to social sciences : Steven D Levitt (Freakonomics), Malcom Gladwell (Talking to Strangers, Outliers, Tipping point) , Paul Dohan (Happiness by Design), Seth Stephens-Davidowitz (Everybody Lies) are examples of authors I like…

Search Data is a bit like being able to read people ’s minds. As Seth Stephens-Davidowitz said, people dont lie to Google

So thanks to Google, we can find out an infinite amount of interesting data: flu virus progression, rumours, politicians popularity, prejudices… You can get search data about any kind of topic, the limit is your imagination.

On the topic of marketing, SEO data and tools can help:

– Find out people what people want (existing demand for a given product)

– Evaluate market sizes for different products

– Compare market sizes across countries

– Find out how people express their need (impact on brand name & messaging)

– Find out about your competitors online strategy : brand awareness, SEO strategy, paid search & social media activities …

Get in touch via “contact” if you are you looking for a long term partnership with a reliable search marketing consultant!