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In July, AirSorted ads popped up all across London – from Gare du Nord videos to the Eurostar magazine and billboards on the city’s iconic double-deckers. Even the Airbnb I stayed at was managed by the company, whose straight talking and sleek service instantly caught my attention.

As France is the No.2 market for Airbnb after the US and AirSorted is poised to set up shop, I thought I’d take a look at the SEO for all short-term rental “sitter” services in France and the opportunities available to AirSorted.

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Airbnb management services in France

In terms of business model, the concierge services are either integrated, full-service (without or without a premium option) or organized as a market place.

All of them offer the same basic services such as taking photos, writing and publishing the property description, search optimization, yield management, customer communications, key pick-up, cleaning and laundry.

These sitters take a 15-20%, plus a cleaning fee re-billed directly to the customer via the platform. Using a sitter means getting 25-30% less for your property, but in return guarantees an optimized occupation rate and a higher revenue (and much less hassle).

AirSorted has an advantage over its competitors when it comes to pricing:

airsorted 15 %
hostmaker 18 %
bnbsitter 20 %
bnblord 18 %
wellkeys 20 %

Some companies also offer additional services to stand out from the crowd:

  • Airsorted (GB): professional cleaning services, hotel-quality bed linen
  • Hostmaker (GB): interior design service
  • BnB sitter (France): customized services from €14.50 a month
  • BnBLord (France): assistance buying rental properties
  • Wellkeys (France): customized services from €16

The sites that stand out for the keyword “conciergerie Airbnb” (Airbnb management)

BnBsitter races ahead of competitors for the keyword “conciergerie AirBnB” – the brand is also well-known with 3,800 monthly searches. Wellkeys takes 2nd & 3rd place, while BnBlord comes in at No.4 (AhRef data).

France SERP AirBnB management

Comparison site takes 5th place, but their SEO performance leave a little to be desired (see below).

Google’s first page is also home to guestready, hostnfly, wehost, and two news articles.

Let’s take a peek at the organic traffic for the different players (SEMrush):

Monthly traffic Keywords Domains
bnbsitter 9000 2500 193
bnblord 7000 2400 44
welkeys 3600 2500 115
hostmaker 645 223 248 271 546 15
airsorted 13 33 3

Once again, BnBSitter is a step ahead with 9,000 monthly visits (all keywords), with BnBLord coming in with 7,000 and Welkeys 3,600. The British competitors are lagging a long way behind.

To better understand the potential of these players, let’s now compare the results with the British market:

Monthly traffic Keywords Domains
France hostmaker 645 223 248
airsorted 13 33 3
GB hostmaker 2500 287 248
airsorted 7300 605 102

AirSorted fares far better than its competitor (Hostmaker) in Great Britain in terms of traffic. Further analysis is required to understand  if that traffic is converting traffic though !

AirHosted only has a few links in France – did they make the right choice in opting for a .fr (ccTLD) domain name? Did they really have any alternative with a .uk domain in Great Britain? Regardless, they’ll definitely have a lot of backlinks to build to stand out in the French market.

In terms of keywords, they will also need to be creative as the terms describing their services – like “conciergerie Airbnb” (Airbnb concierge service) or “gestion Airbnb” (Airbnb management) don’t generate huge search volumes – only 1,300 and 200 each month respectively.

AirSorted, I’m ready to take on the challenge!

Have you already tested these Airbnb management services ? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below!

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