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According to SEMrush, Liligo is the flight comparison website that gets the most amount of organic traffic, as compared to his competitors in France, such as Kayak, Opodo, Easyvoyage and Skyscanner. Looking into further detail, we can see a comprehensive SEO strategy has been driving this in France.

Liligo French flight comparison site

Liligo: number 1 in France in terms of organic traffic and 1-3 queries volume

Liligo gets twice as much organic traffic as Opodo (dark grey). When reviewing the highest ranking keywords (pale grey), the volume of queries also doubles. How was this accomplished?

Flight comparison site traffic and ranking (seo strategy france)Could this success be linked to Liligo’s awareness in France?

After all, Liligo is a French company that has operated in France since 2006, and was previously owned by the French railway company SNCF. Maybe the awareness can explain such a head start?

SEO strategy France awareness comparison SEO Strategy

If the superiority of Liligo isn’t reliant upon its own brand, then what is driving it?

Looking closer at the SEO, one can see that it has been worked on carefully for both competitive keywords as well as long tail ones.

Keyword Position Search Volume
billet avion 1 246 000
location voiture 1 246 000
comparateur de vol 1 201 000
billet d avion 1 165 000
vueling 2 368 000
easy jet 2 301 000
vol pas cher 2 246 000
avion 2 110 000
vols pas cher 2 60 500
billet pas cher 2 40 500
hotel pas cher 2 33 100
easyjet 3 1 830 000
comparateur 3 22 200
air maroc 3 18 100

Competitive Keywords

The keywords with the largest volume of queries for air transportation are plane tickets, cheap flight, and flight comparator, or airlines like Easyjet (or in French : billet d’avion, vol pas cher, comparateur de vol). Liligo manages to rank at the very top for those major queries, providing big chunks of qualified traffic to its flight comparator. Using the full potential of travel related services, Liligo manages to rank well with certain car rental keywords but could do much better with Hotel related terms.

Long tail keywords

When looking at the long tail, it becomes interesting to see the actual results made in terms of content.

  • The category flight is split in individual pages for each pair of cities: this allows Liligo to ranks on queries like “Vols Paris- Barcelone” ( Paris Barcelona Flight), 9900 queries.
  • A whole part of the site is dedicated to providing information on which destination to chose according to the month in the year , which allows Liligo to rank for the expression “où partir en Janvier” (where to travel in January), 3600 queries a month, as well as rank for “que faire à Barcelone” (what to do in Barcelona), 170 queries.
  • Liligo also issues the “Magazine du Voyageur” (Travellers Magazine), to help rank for multiple expressions around travelling, such as “luggage allowance

In short: Liligo provides a good example of a successful SEO strategy!

Do you have other examples of good SEO strategies in other industries? Let us know!

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