Top 20 websites France

Reviewing Alexa’s ranking for all websites in France (April 2015), when compared to the US, UK, and Germany, four websites from France manage to make the top 25:,, and

Top 10 websites in France

The top 5 websites for all countries (France, US, UK, Germany) are: Google, Facebook, Youtube, Amazon, Yahoo.

The top site for France is “”, a kind of local eBay but completely free. allows one to advertise items for sale and sell them commission free by utilizing a basic interface and design: peer to peer contact organized by geography and a simple seller/buyer exchange agreement. The site started in 2006 by following the example of the Swedish site, now owned by the Schibsted MediaGroup. has 20M unique visitors. Much more then Ebay and good for the 8th biggest site in France.

Top 10 websites France

Top 20 most popular sites in France

The 2nd tier of websites in France is constituted of wikipedia, other social media (twitter, linked in) and  mobile phone / internet providers.  “Les pages Jaunes“, the local yellow pages and ex- state monopoly is still highly used despite strong competition, specially from the google products : google maps and search.

Other local exception : Craigslist and Netflix in the US, in the UK and an adult site (!) in Germany.

Top 20 websites France

 Top 25 websites in France

The 3rd tier of most popular web sites in France belong to a mix of local newspapers ( Le Monde, Le Figaro), local online shopping, governement sites, and ad sites. is a strong local player ( covers a large selection of online shopping), and “Pole Emploi“, the unemployment website also makes it into the first 25 – thanks to the current high rate of unemployment in France in 2015.

Other local exceptions : Paypal in In the US and Germany, “ ” in Germany  and the “ ” in the UK.

Top 25 websites France

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