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How is France doing in online marketing vs other EU countries? Spend, behavior, social media, search, cost of media. Find out the latest data about digital marketing in France!

Online marketing in France: steady increase share of internet spend, but still behind other EU countries

According to the site Sri France, (internet sales house association) the share of internet spend has been growing healthily, and digital advertising is now second behind TV advertising, followed by press advertising.

online marketing FranceNonetheless, France advertiser’s spend less online than their counterparts in the UK and Germany, 25% of the overall spend vs 35% in the UK and 30% in Germany. Italy is behind France with 23% of all media spend dedicated to the internet.

online spend below other EU countries

Within digital advertising, search is the 1st choice of spend ( 59% of all spend), but Display sees the highest increase vs 2013. Affiliates, emailing and comparators are decreasing by 6%.

digital media mix france

 Share of online marketing spend in France

On the UDA website ( Union des annonceurs : advertisers association), search is also a winner, but mobile search and mobile advertising are growing very fast.

online marketing spend franceSource #Obsepub 2013 PwC Advisory/SRI/UDECAM – répartition des chiffres d’affaires nets

Cost per clicks Google and Facebook

According to another source of information found on the site

France is number 10 for using online advertising for Google ads, and 8 for Facebook ads.

comparison google and facebook utilisation

Costs per click are cheaper in France vs UK and Germany, for both Google and Facebook.

cost per click comparison google facebook

More on search in France

This article from Search Engine Land “Bienvenue en France” describes some issues you can have in France : using a dot instead of a coma, having to get the right accents in, and also confirms a lower CPC for SEA. Nice little pictures that I copy below.

search marketing in France
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